Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kanute Gazette

Stop the web someone wants to get off. Clearly all is going well with the new owners of the Press Gazette. They've hired King Kanute to advise on digital strategy.

One of their first ideas has been to post stuff later on the web, get this - people are reading it there and not buying a copy of the title.

Who would have thunk it? Those sneaky people with their web habits, stop that right now! It's the diary section that's the problem. Not to worry, Press Gazette's new owners Wilmington Media have come up with the idea of posting it four days later.

A message from Axegrinder

“Shocking but true: certain sections of Axegrinder's loyal following are reading this section of the web site on a Thursday and Friday to save dipping their hands in their pockets to buy a copy of Press Gazette.

To overcome this shameful practice, Axegrinder will now be posted here on Mondays. So if you want to find out who is being subjected to the most up-to-date Axegrindings, you have four choices: subscribe to the print edition, by clicking here; subscribe to the digital edition by clicking here; go and buy a copy from your newsagent; or wait until Monday, and be the last to know

It’s a valiant effort to turn back the tide. Next up, news will feature with a slight delay.

Elsewhere on the site is the Press Gazette Blog, which has one entry posted since November 24. The most recent entry posted 11 days ago has a knock at the Observer about claiming "that it was one of the first Sunday newspapers to stick a story up on the internet rather than save it for the paper on Sunday".

The Press Gazette's answer to this is "We've been banging out web breaking news as well print exclusives for years”. Yes, but you can only get around to blogging about it once every couple of weeks. Did someone say pot kettle?

Amway, back at the ranch this as we prepare to launch Brand Republic with its new, revamped and totally free to access look, with most content published in the likes of Campaign, Marketing and Media Week.

And I promise there will be blogs a plenty among many other things.


At 2:09 PM, Anonymous relaunch? said...

how long 'til relaunch?

why don't you have a countdown timer until it launches. that might get people excited?

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

You and your countdown. If we'd started a countdown we would have had to hit the reset button so many times its not true.

Almost there. If it is not up and running by next week I'll...oh I don't know.

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you have a firm launch date for next week Gordon?

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anon said...

That comment on Axegrinder has been there since forever, it's not a new thing.

At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but it isn't totally free to access, is it? You have to register (or have a sub to an offline publication).

As I have to keep telling clients, this is NOT totally free. Consumers aren't stupid - if my email address didn't have any value, you wouldn't want it, would you?


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