Thursday, February 15, 2007

Halifax, Mars, Enjoy England

Will someone please stop those singing Halifax ads? I would appeal directly to the singing agency, aka Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, but that would only fall on deaf ears.

The latest Halifax extravaganza, with its singing employees ads, might have added a bit of soul but it doesn’t have one.

I know it isn't just me, lots of other people feel the same. It’s pure Bernard Matthews, all turkey.

It isn't even the first time they've done it. There have been numerous casualties in this campaign. Do you remember when DLKW took Glen Campbell song, 'Rhinestone Cowboy' and gave it to Barry from Halifax in Belfast? I do

This time, it is Natalie Webster from a Sheffield branch, but the familiar face of Howard is there also.

Singing about your current account ("think about your current account") is just wrong and this is wrong writ large with 300 extras with 70 trained dancers.

I'm just waiting for someone to tell me that the great unwashed (as opposed to the great unshaved who like to shoot ads in South Africa, where this one was shot) love this ad and it drives customer acquisition like nothing you've ever seen.

Even if that's the case I don’t care, I think they should stop and spare us all. I think the next challenge for DLKW is to make a silent ad. Either that or transfer to the West End.

Talking of music in ads as we were... well sort of, I wanted to mention the Mars Bar spot that's been running. It has a guy eating a bar, walking down a street to New Order's Blue Monday.

It is a completely random, completely spurious use of the song and a waste. Why New Order allowed it in the first place is beyond me. If it was an interesting ad, you could understand that, but it is bland and dull.

Still on music, I'm doing a round up, and wanted to mention the “Enjoy England” campaign created by Farm Communications. I know its been running for a while, but I thought it was a great example of the right song for the right ad.

The song in question is The Jam's ‘English Rose’, a great tune and it works really well, hand in hand with the ad’s brief to inspire consumers to discover surprising holidays in England's urban, rural and coastal destinations. I'm off.


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