Friday, February 09, 2007

FHM crash

Emap is expected to part company with the editor of FHM -- oh and just a week before its ABCs.

Emap will apparently tell staff today that editor Ross Brown is to leave the company. Brown took over in August 2004, succeeding David Davies as editor. Davies was promoted to the acting managing director of Emap Elan after three years at the FHM helm.

Last summer, Brown oversaw a relaunch with a new look, which promised a "more mature approach to its subject matter". The idea was to narrow its target audience to the single male in his late 20s.

The result? Press buyers believe FHM will in next week's ABC report circulation down by as much as 20%, others think it could be higher. So much for the "mature" reader. In the last set of ABCs in August, FHM lost 24.9% of its circulation year on year to 420,688. If it loses as much as 20% that would be swingeing loss, taking it down to close to 320,000.

FHM is not the only one. IPC's Loaded and Dennis Publishing's Maxim are also expected to be hard hit.

To be fair, FHM has nowhere left to run. The weekly magazines Nuts and Zoo continue to eat into the magazine's target audience and withering away that once 700,000 plus circulation.

It is only, of course, the weeklies that are hitting FHM, the internet is hitting the title hard as well as men seek digital alternatives such as Dennis' digital men's weekly magazine, Monkey.

Emap isn't expected to announce an immediate replacement, suggesting it might once again try to revamp FHM and stem its losses.

The report about trouble at FHM came in the same week that Emap predicted revenues to be toward the bottom end of market expectations, as it reported that radio and consumer media business have suffered on the back of weak market conditions, sending its shares down almost 8% in early trading.


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

digital alternatives such as dennis's monkey??? ha. don't be blinded by fool's gold.

try myspace, youtube,, bebo etc.

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous the online pixie said...

I blame Coco.

Can we have a comment on the passing of Anna Nicole Smith? I realise she's no marketing icon but she was a star of her own reality TV show and she was totally mad- perhaps a little obit for her?

Go on Gordie, we know you'll have had a soft spot for her as much as the rest of us. Or should that be hard spot? Sorry...


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