Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Grazia for men

More news that Emap might launch a Grazia for men. Is it just me or will this magazine die a horrible death?

Marketing reports that Emap has fuelled speculation that it is to launch a men's fashion weekly in the style of Grazia following a record ABC for the women's title.

All true. Grazia did really well. Its title posted a 20% period-on-period increase in circulation to 210,200 in the six months to December giving it a 23% year-on-year rise.

Okay, but a men's mag? Even the teenage weeklies Zoo and Nuts suffered a little fall. Clearly Emap is undeterred, Rob Munro-Hall, managing director of FHM, Zoo and Arena, said the venture was something it was "looking at".

Okay so Grazia is an upmarket (read inspirational title) for the thirtysomething career girl, with ten pages of news (which it clearly prides itself on) and with a fashion bent. Yes it has stars but these are stars like Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. You won't find Jade Goody here.

I don't see the men's title working...grooming, fashion, how to buff up and with a upmarket celebrity bent? That's a perfect gay man's title. I'm guessing here.

 Besides, there used to be an upmarket men's title with a grooming and fashion title. It was called Arena. You want to know what happened to that? Well it sacked its editor last week after it reported a period-on-period decline of 13.9% to 34,556 copies. The year-on-year figures were a 29.9% drop of a car crash. The future of Arena looks like a Ken Loach movie. Really bleak.

No surprise. Look at the latest cover? That's right it is desperately trying to look like every other men's mag with a generous helping of female flesh on the front cover.

I know, I've banged on about this before, but it looks like I won't be doing it for much longer. Inside they have a big feature on Simon Pegg's new movie. It is the thing everyone has been talking about, but no - instead they have Eva Longoria of 'Desperate Housewives (yawn)'. All very desperate.


At 7:41 PM, Anonymous neilperkin said...

Men's Grazia? Personally I can't see it. Even the excellent GQ doesn't sell in anywhere near enough of a volume to suggest there's any appetite for men to buy an upmarket weekly. Bring back Later, that's what I say.


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