Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Price hike

With the ABCs due on Friday the Sunday Mirror is expected to be down by around 13%, or 200,000 copies. Is putting the price up really the answer?

December figures are always bad so this is not totally unexpected, but the Sunday Mirror slid 3.09% to 1,333,255 in November. If the latest is correct it will fall to just 1.1m, falling ever closer to the million sale mark.

It's a tough problem for Trinity Mirror chief executive Sly Bailey, who just finished a strategic review of the company that resulted in the venerable Racing Post and 138 regional titles being sold off.

That all comes on top of more than 700 job cuts being announced in October as Trinity Mirror looks for cost savings after experiencing tougher trading conditions and a slowdown in advertising.

Still as far as the Sunday Mirror is concerned Sly has come up with a solution. The answer? Hike the paper's cover price to 90p and make it more expensive than top selling rival News of the World. Huh? Can someone call in a management consultant to explain that to me?

It doesn't seem quite the way to push up sales.

There's more woe in store for Trinity Mirror, the sister Sunday title The People is also down by 13% or 122,000. For The People this comes on top of a 3.12% drop to 764,409 in December.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Sly still in a job? Baffling error after baffling error and yet she's still in place.


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