Monday, January 08, 2007

Master and no servant

Its not a climb down or anything, but Channel 4 just announced that it has ended the whole Upstairs/Downstairs master and servant thing.

The shopping task, which split the house, prompted two housemates to leave and ruffled more than a few feathers, has now come to an end. This afternoon, the seven servants returned to the main house to re-join the 'Family' members, Jade, Jack, Jackiey, Shilpa and Jermaine.

All passed the task apart from Leo - who fell asleep during his servant shift - and Jo, who allowed Ken to prepare his own cheese and bisucits. However, two fails still meant that the housemates passed the task.

Big Brother has rewarded them with a luxury shopping budget of £4 per person per day (for the next six days - whooppee), a total of £336. The twelve housemates will also enjoy takeaway food of their choice later this evening.

And it has nothing to do with losing two celebs after the introduction of dimwit Jade. Seriously it doesn't.


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed. The task was due to run until Wednesday. Oh dear.

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Blogging and the City said...

Following Lost Boy's comment on the previous story I got to thinking about what I like about this blog. Is it true that we're all posting pointless comments on stories? Or are we posting comments on pointless stories? And if so then what is the point of such pointlessness?

I met up with my good friends; Malcolm the ginger lawyer, Sam the tarty PR mate and Kevin the Sloane Ranger. Malcolm got to talking about his latest problems with Susan. Since she left him with the baby and went back to her bar job. "It's all just pointless" he said. "You get to thirty and all the good women have gone. It's like we're being singled out, it's evolutionary dating- only the strongest survive."

Meanwhile I was thinking about Mrs Big and was wondering "if this is all pointless why is it so entertaining?"

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous the online pixie said...

I think maybe this blog is like Terry Wogan's radio show. Lots of people writing in being a bit irreverent. I quite like that.


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