Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lift work

Lift work - Leagas Delaney chair lift company Stannah, butt of many jokes, an advertising make over and rather good it is too.

The TV and press campaign, which breaks next week has been created to address the stigma attached to the old stair lift business and will introduce the strapline 'Stannah. The Stair lift people'.


Leagas says that the campaign is targeting people in denial of their need for a stair lift and so have come up with press advertising features hard-hitting (and amusing – okay we laughed) lines such as "Ever heard the phrase Home Sweet Nursing Home?".

The TV spots were directed by Mark Mylod, of 'Royle Family' and 'Shameless' fame with one spot featuring a couple making the decision to get a stairlift, talking about it, but not quite being able to openly use the word ‘stairlift’.

Another change is that the press ads will no longer just tucked away at the back of the weekend supplements, but actually appear as full page ads in the nationals and in magazines.

Although oddly, the campaign breaks at the same time as a story about a disabled worker at Stannah...who was denied a chair lift.
Apparently, Stannah dismissed the employee David Radcliffe's request that the lift be installed at its offices in Andover because "everyone would want to ride on it and no work would get done".

I'm thinking that David Brent works for Stannah. It's just a guess. Posted by Picasa


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