Monday, December 11, 2006

Sky Lost

Sky seems to be losing 'Lost' viewers faster than you can say difficult third season.

According to the overnight figures the BBC's not that good really 'Torchwood' is now managing to beat 'Lost' now that it has moved to Sky.

'Torchwood' was watched by 971,000 viewers on BBC Three in its 10pm slot, which up from last week's 958,000, I've seen a couple and really not so impressed. I've been to Cardiff and really aerial shots don't help. And why are they're only four of them, I know budgets are tight but four slightly annoying people and one care seems a little tight.

As for 'Lost' it is down to considerably less than 1m viewers and only pulled in 863,000 viewers on Sunday. Not so good.

Since the move from Channel 4 to Sky One there has been a steady decline for the cult show whose lack of plot movement is painful. Its first outing on attracted 1.4m viewers, compared with the average 2.8m that tuned in to follow the fortunes and mysterious plotlines of the survivors of Oceanic Airlines flight 815.

Obviously a lot of people have stopped watching and I'm one of them. One of the problems is the scheduling. Sky airs it and then repeats it later in the week at ten whereas E4 would air 'Lost' at on Sundays as part of its Second Chance Sunday or you could always catch it on C4 around sixish. It just seemed to work better on Channel 4.

After paying all that money to buy 'Lost' could at least sort the scheduling out.


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news as far as i'm concerned! I'm sick of getting into a show like 24, Lost or test cricket only for Sky to blow all other bids out of the water. I know i'm setting myself up for lots of "get Sky then you tight b@stard" responses, but alas the world's tallest tree in my neighbour's garden completely blocks the signal, so no can do!

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous The Online Pixie said...

Get sky you tight bastard


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