Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blake revival

First the BBC did 'Doctor Who', now someone is having ago at another cult SF drama 'Blake's 7'.

Just like 'Doctor Who' with its paper and plastic sets and quite scary aliens, 'Blake's 7' flew across the galaxy fighting for freedom in quite a nice looking ship. Now they're coming back.

First as a radio series and then as a TV show. The production company behind the show, B7 Productions, is doing a bit of a 'Battlestar Galactica' (but without the budget or network backing) and reimagining the show from the start.

All the old characters are back, voiced by new actors. Best of all is Daniela Nardini, Anna from 'This Life', who will play Supreme Commander Servalan. The sexiest and baddest woman in the galaxy what with her jet black short spiky hair and penchant for wanting to kill everyone who stood in the way of her typically diabolical plans. Nardini is perfect for it.

When they do film it, she gets my vote for that role (you know if I had a vote).

Also on board is someone called Derek Riddell, who has been in 'No Angels' and 'Doctor Who', as rebel leader Blake and the other prize role, that of cold-hearted killer Avon with a great line in sarcasm and icy one liners, is played by Colin Salmon who starred in Pierce Brosnan movies as a MI6 agent and had roles in action flicks such as 'Alien vs. Predator' and 'Resident Evil'.

It will initially run as a series of all-new 36 x five-minute audio dramas based on the original cult series broadcast on the BBC in the 1970s, with a special extended CD edition released for retail the month following broadcast.

In the original series, which ran 1978-1981, Terry Nation (who also wrote much of 'Doctor Who' - but had nothing to do with 'Torchwood'...talking of which is back for a second season, according to the BBC) gave us the world a vision of the future, a future where the galaxy is ruled by the iron fist of a galactic federation where citizens are drugged and where freedom and justice are things of the past. Enter our band of freedom fighters and outlaws. A magnificent seven in space onboard a ship called Liberator.

The much-anticipated, live-action revival of the 'Blake’s 7' is in the pipeline, but there are no details yet.


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous The Online Pixie said...

Yes Colin Salmon was in a couple of the Brosnan era Bonds. Interestingly when Rosamund Pike auditioned for the role of Miranda Frost in Die Another Day, she screen tested with Colin rather than Pierce.

On the DVD of DAD you can see this screen test. She bites his shoulder in a saucy scene. And thus Rosamund was destined to win the role and my heart.

Another bit of Bond trivia: every actor who auditions has to act the same scene from 'From Russia With Love' in which Bond sneaks into his hotel room, Walther out and ready to kill, where he finds a beautiful naked girl in his bed. Another little fact to amuse the coked up marketing masses in the run up to Christmas.


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