Thursday, November 30, 2006

Talk talk

Tommy Sheridan, the News of the World's favourite socialist, is joining one of TalkSport's stations joining other failed left wingers on the airwaves.

First there was Derek Hatton, the man best known for running Liverpool into the ground in the 1980s under the auspices of the Trotskyist group the Militant Tendency, and sending redundancy notices to workers by taxi.

He found a berth on 105.4 Century FM. I'm not sure what he talks about, but according to Century, Degsy, as he is better known along with someone called Di, offer "celebrity chat, cool tunes and lots of laughs". Me? I'm feeling the warmth already.

Then there is strange milk-licking 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant and expelled Labour Party member George "I never get tired of the sound of my own voice praising various dictators" Galloway.

He can, of course, be found on TalkSport. I don't think he talks about sport, but more about his great chats with likes of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad or the great times he had chowing down with Saddam Hussein.

Now joining the ranks of failed (but very sun-tanned lefties) is Tommy Sheridan another member of the now-defunct Militant Tendency and more recently of the Scottish Socialist party, and now pretty much on his own after all that business about orgies and such caused him and his loyal wife Gail a spot of bother with the tabloids. Not enough to stop Sheridan.

He has joined the TalkSport-owned Talk 107. Though to be fair, as Charlie Whelan wrote recently, Sheridan has gained near cult-hero status in Scotland, because unlike his compatriot, "gorgeous” George Galloway, he is seen as a serious politician. This is a man who would never dream of appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. No, he is happier being snapped as he's arrested for the hundredth time outside a nuclear base.

But like Galloway he is another of these overly tanned types. Can he just on accept the fact that he is Scottish and be done with the paleness? OK, no, I guess he can't.

Sheridan is presenting "Sunday Morning with Citizen Tommy". I'm sure it will be all very topical. He will no doubt entertain his band of listeners with, not I suspect, tales of affairs and swinging, but more fanciful stuff like the curious allegations that he's a victim of M15 spooks. Please don't laugh.

But despite all his troubles he is still upbeat -- as he said on a recent TV interview: "You have got to have the ability to laugh at yourself because if you don't, then you won't get any affection from people in Scotland. No-one is above having the Michael extracted from them at one time or another - that's part of being Scottish. And I don't think anyone is too precious to have fun poked at them. You have to be willing to go with that."

I'm trying to work out who will be next...maybe Dave Cameron could get a man of the people show.

For more on Sheridan and his move to radio, there's a rather long Scotsman article.


At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Glasgow wob said...

Maybe the £100K he's get from trashy television might enable him to settle the dispute with the workers that he's sacked.

Sign the petition and support the workers here

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Jock Aye the Noo said...

Typical of the London-centric media to have a go at us north of the border. Tommy played a key part in the end of the Poll Tax for everyone. Not you'd have noticed in London, probably too busy in the Groucho shoving coke up yer hooter and writing this drivel.


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