Thursday, November 02, 2006


The Sun, from a relatively slow start, is really starting to show how Web 2.0 should be done online.

Its user-generated content website MySun already has more than 130 blog entries with bloggers regularly posting and picking up decent amounts of reads, with a surprising number of literate and readable blog entries.

Users can also create a MySun homepage complete with personally selected categories of articles, with the personalisation clearly taking its cue from News Corp comrade MySpace.

Its forums are sparking with debate and its online videos are pulling a real pull.

This all less than two months after the major overhaul of The Sun's website, which is putting it ahead of some of its more established newspaper rivals.

It has also put the investment into the project editorially, with MySun boasting a six-strong team dedicated running the project in which a community editor, hired specifically to run the feature, oversees a team of editorial moderators.

Pete Picton, Sun online editor says that one of the key drivers was to get the readers involved, and why not? It's free content, more ad inventory and then there are all those page impressions.

Picton says that traffic numbers and numbers of people signing up has exceeded expectation and that new features and developments of the service would soon appear.

"Previously we haven't given readers a huge number of option to get involved with the website. This is giving them the chance to respond to content, to write and review content, and create their own comments.

"What we hope this will grow into is readers creating their own areas around the site, to review albums and review holidays, to start to create that kind of rich content. Doing this creates a loyalty because the readers feel more involved with the site," Picton said.


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