Friday, November 24, 2006

Durex Mates

Durex airs its male adult toy ad on TV next week and its creative looks like it’s been borrowed from a rival.

Durex got a splash of headlines this week with the news that it was to become the first brand to promote an adult toy for men on UK national television. Of course, being quite naughty it will not air until after 11pm.

The Durex product on offer is a "vibrating penis ring". It will appear in a 30-second spot, created by McCann Erickson Barcelona.

The ad follows a couple sitting at a dinner table and the woman has what looks like an engagement ring box in her bowl. She picks it up and it starts to vibrate, she smiles and says: "Yes, I do." The strapline says: "New Durex Play Vibrator. The vibration ring for him to give pleasure to both of you."

 It's a nice idea - the engagement ring creative works well. Well, at least that’s what Claydon Heeley thought back in January when it created a similar viral film for rival condom brand Mates and its vibrating penis ring.

Created on a tiny budget, the film features a couple at dinner where the man tries to woo his love with a ring. It’s only on the third attempt - when he proffers the vibrating toy - that the woman says ‘yes’. Sound familiar?

The original Mates spot has been seen by about 100,000 people and is still doing the rounds.

Admittedly, as the Mates film is a viral it is a little racier. It finishes with the man dropping his trousers, buttocks to the camera, and we are left to imagine the vibrating toy in place, giving us some comedy porn. Well if it works once, why not use it again? Posted by Picasa


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