Thursday, November 16, 2006

Celebrity hell

ITV's latest outing for 'I'm Celebrity...' is possibly its best (worst) to date.

I admit, I watched a little last night and was stunned. With Lauren Booth, David Gest, Jan Leeming and company, ITV has pulled off one of the worst car crashes of Z-listers there ever was.

You would never have thought that any of these characters would amount to much in such a show. But no, former news reader Leeming is a bitter and twisted so and so. Gest is bonkers ("Zebra milk"?!) and worst of the bunch (I mean best) is Booth the total waste of space who is Cherie Blair's half sister and so the PM's sister-in-law.

For the last nine years, she has used the connection to pop up all over the place and slag off the Blairs. She is the sister-in-law from hell. Most of her work has been in the Daily Mail where she has pronounced on cue on the wrongs of New Labour, the ills of the war in Iraq and why Tony Blair should go.

She is a shameless embarrassment who has made a career out of Blair bashing, which is why it was so entertaining last night to see her reveal herself as the gauche celebrity wannabe that she is as she came out... all black.

She outed herself as a reggae fan (sang reggae), talked of the Brixton massive, dope smoking and then moved on to hip-hop. It was hard to watch, but so brilliant. It was like Borat was a blonde.

"I don't think many people would think of me sitting outside a club with a Tennents at 16 with the Yardies."

Yardies? Are you sure? She rethought this one:

"Well, not the Yardies but the ragga crowd."

"I had 10 years of just getting down, whether it was the reggae scene, going out in Camden Town, whatever. I am just the hip-hop girl. I went to cool clubs, rap clubs."

Of course, Myleene Klaas is in there too, wearing bikinis and smiling for the camera and seems alright, as does Jason Donovan and the ex-Busted guy Matt Willis (despite his crimes against music) while designer Scott Henshall… oh just shut up. What a big girl (I mean that with respect of course in the gender neutral sense).


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous ex salesman said...

is all this 'i'm a celebrity' nonsense on BR an attempt to get higher page impressions or is it really a genuine media story gordie?

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

It's one of ITV's biggest media properties. We've always done stuff on this, but really we don't get vast page impressions for it.

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous the online pixie said...

How much advertising revenue are they making out of this media property then? As far as I can see this blog entry is more about how you don't like Cherie Blair's half sister than it is about advertising or marketing!

God bless you Gordie you never change!

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

Look you stop poking holes in my wafer thin argument and find something less productive to do instead.

At 4:26 PM, Anonymous the online sceptic said...

Oh Gordy, you'd miss us if we stopped teasing you! How's the redesign of BR going? Still on schedule?

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

I'm kidding.

Redesign - slowly but surely.


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