Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weiland '66

Paul Weiland is destined to be stood up. Having made a very funny film about next to no one attending his Bar Mitzvah, one of his stars Helena Bonham-Carter was a no-show for the UK premier of 'Sixty Six'.

Weiland, best known for directing some of the glossiest commercials around from the Guardian classic “points of view” to Walkers Crisps, has made a true(ish) story out of what was intended to be the biggest day of his young life as his Bar Mitzvah loomed.

 With 250 guests planned and a lavish dinner, it was to be a Bar Mitzvah of Bar Mitzvahs. If only England hadn't come from nowhere to win the World Cup in 1966.

In the end, 23 guests turned up. Even the caterer cancelled. At least it left him with a good story to tell, which he apparently did at his 50th birthday two years ago. Luckily Richard Curtis was in the audience and suggested turning the story into a film and a rather good one it is too.

Sadly its UK premiere at the London Film Festival had to go ahead without one of its stars because Bonham-Carter's 2 and a half year old sold broke his arm.

It isn't Weiland's first film. There is 'Roseanna's Grave' and 'City Slickers II', but this is likely to be his best received. Its funny, has that universal ring and is reminiscent of John Boorman's 'Hope and Glory', but with bombs swapped for footballs.

'Sixty Six' also stars Eddie Marsan, Stephen Rea, Catherine Tate and introduces Gregg Sulkin as 'Bernie' aka the young Paul Weiland.

'Sixty Six' is at cinemas from November 3rd and you can watch the trailer here.


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Peter Hitchens said...

sounds to me like the sort of film my brother and I could enjoy. If only he'd admit that he's Jewish!


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