Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Webcameron is under attack. Parodying cyber squatters have struck.

The people from UKIP, who once had perma-tanned, former morning TV presenter Robert "smooth" Kilroy-Silk as a member, are cybersquatting WebCameron.info and have a YouTube video of their own.

Actually, it's rather better than Dave "man of the people" Cameron live from the kitchen (as others have pointed out, domestic staff must have had the day off). It features a video parodying the similarities between Cameron and Tony Blair. Set up by the UKIPhome, who you'll never hear of again so I won't bother explaining about, it takes advantage of Cameron's attempts to plug into new-media phenomenon of blogs and social networking websites.

It purports to show Cameron wholesale lifting Blair's language and ideas and it does so pretty well. Anything Blair can say, then Cameron can say too. The video has already been viewed more than 6,600 times.

As well as being mildly entertaining, it does serve as a reminder to snap up all of the domains you can as politicians are just as vulnerable to online threats as film stars or any major brand.

One of the first steps of setting up any new website is checking the availability not only of your desired domain name, but also of alternatives including the .com and .co.uk versions. Unfortunately, in this instance Cameron has seen his effort to harness the power of the internet stumble at one of the very first hurdles.

Worse still if you click on Webcameron.com you get an Australian poet called Cameron M Semmens. Whose works include poems such as 'the jacket that never really fit'...wait that sounds familiar does it have something to do with wedging right-wing Euro politics with tax cuts and... oh no, it doesn't it is actually about a jacket that never fitted.

Talking of Euro-scepticism, Cameron still hasn’t registered the Webcameron.eu European domain name. How long that will be free remains to be seen.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous D South said...

Sorry - you are mistaken Mr Chad Noble’s site is in no way connected with or endorsed by the UK Independence Party. Mr Noble was a member of the Conservative Party before leaving and forming three seperate political parties and then joining UKIP earlier this year. Mr Noble has his own agenda for progressive conservatism and his UKIPhome site is his attempt to try and steer UKIP into a right wing small c conservative position. Obviously he has put the backs up of a whole host of UKIP members. Especially if you examine his site in a bit more detail and read the following posts. Accusing fellow UKIP members of plotting his murder and MI5 spy allegation - the words ferrets in a sack spring to mind and something about picnics and sandwiches! So please do not congratulate the UK Independence Party for it is not their initiative - rather one new member trying to make a name for himself.


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