Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Laughable ITV

Pot kettle, kettle black means nothing to ITV. Otherwise it would realise how laughable it looks for it to tell Channel 4 it is being dragged downmarket.

This from the channel that gave us 'Rock Around the Block', 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' and 'Celebrity Wrestling', which had to be pulled from its primetime slot halfway through its eight-week run and put to the sword after attracting only 2m viewers.

None of this has stopped ITV accusing Channel 4 of relying on too few show formats to bolster its audience share, and going downmarket.

Firstly too few formats? Just one word: 'X-Factor'/'Pop Stars/ the Rivals'/'Pop Idol'/A N Other derivative format. Oh and of course 'Celebrity (will they shag) Love Island'. Proper posh, all of it. Then isn't the rest of the ITV schedule just full of the 'The Bill', 'Coronation Street' and 'Emmerdale'?

Marketing reported that Gary Digby, managing director of ITV Sales, made the claims to media agencies during the current “upfront” agency presentations, which precede the annual round of TV negotiations.

Digby apparently claimed that 'Deal or No Deal', which accounts for 10% of C4's impacts, has dragged the channel's profile downmarket. Mike Parker, head of strategic sales for C4, admitted that some programmes delivered a disproportionate volume of impacts, but said that the channel had a diverse schedule.

Digby also said that new programmes have caused Channel 4's share to plummet this autumn. 'Star Stories' was singled out as the worst-performing show ever in the 9pm Friday night slot, which is a bit harsh, seeing as how the show is a very funny celebrity spoof.

Again just two words: 'Celebrity Wrestling'. Well, ITV knows something about ratings disasters. Although it does the business on Saturday night, as far as I know there is nothing on ITV on Friday nights.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger Lost Boy said...

Poor ITV. Even Channel 4's flops and retreads are better then most of their output. They'd walk over hot coals in Madonna's purple leotard to get their hands on 'No Deal'. That said, 'Star Stories' was a misfire. Really, really bad TV. Yuk.


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