Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Homophobia, it’s 2006 and The Sun is still at it.

Incredible. I thought we had got past it, but clearly not. There it is in 72pt Helvetica in The Sun this morning:

"Three lions on my shirtlifter"

The subs must have been pissing themselves as they wrote that one. Kelvin MacKenzie, the ghost of The Sun's past must have been chuckling away.

This with a woman as editor of the paper.

The story is about England launching a bid to win the Gay World Cup for the first time since 1966.

The UK has a thriving gay culture and the shame is that the rest of the story is written quite straight (excuse the pun) and quotes officials from the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association, as well as gay players without the nudge nudge wink wink asides.

The headline is completely out of keeping with the rest of the story. Shame on The Sun.


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