Friday, September 08, 2006

Note to readers

You have to love The Guardian. Staff might go on strike and just to make sure we know about this it has a report on its website.

Mediaguardian is carrying a report that staff have threatened industrial action after voting to reject a pay and conditions offer from management.

It's a bit like the writer telling everyone that he might strike after a 3% pay increase was rejected.

It must be great to be so liberal handing over the means of production to the workers to allow them to vent to the world about their unhappiness over pay.

More seriously, one of The Guardian's problems is the disparity between the salaries of its newspaper staff and the growing army working online.

The Guardian has apparently promised £500,000 towards levelling the unequal rates of pay.

The paper has a £28,000 minimum wage for journalists, but this does not include online staff.

According to the site, the NUJ chapel has said that if its demands are not met there "would be a ballot for action up to and including strike action".

I love The Guardian as a paper, it's still the best read of all the national newspapers, but it is facing the same problems as many other publishing organisations who have taken on numerous staff as part of their digital expansion and believe somehow that they should be paid a lesser amount.


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