Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Junior Zoo

Emap wants to make clear that readers of its weekly lads magazine are old enough to consume alcohol. Well, most of them are.

We've long suspected at Brand Republic that readers of Zoo were all in short trousers.

I see them on the Tube gathered, wearing school blazers and pointing at pictures of naked flesh before throwing crisps and cans of Coke at each other.

Even the Advertising Standards Authority was under the impression that at least of a quarter of Zoo's readers had yet to step up to the bar at their local.

But no it is not so. Zoo has pointed to National Readership Survey figures that show that only 17% of its readership is under 18.

However, clearly if Emap ever launched Zoo in the US to partner FHM it would have to rethink a thing or two.

The drinking age is in most US States 21, which I think would rule out almost all of Zoo's readership for buying a watery bottle of Bud.

I would have thought that Emap and rival IPC Media, which publishes Nuts would be looking at US launches, but no word yet.

The US versions of these magazines, while mostly free of alcohol ads and promotions, would likely be hits in the same way that school boys, and of course those who have left the class room behind, have taken to it here.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Lost Boy said...

I get the feeling that upcoming launch 'Monkey' will target the underage market more. This means we'll have the chance to see a disrobed Abi Titmuss side by side with ads for sweets, computer games and fizzy drinks. Oh, just like Nuts and Zoo then.


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