Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crispy church

People should really lay off giving Charlotte Church a hard time.

The former voice of an angel, latterly the Crazy Chick, and now chat show presenter is clearly no fake.

Her new show isn’t rocket science, but it’s fun and does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a nice new turn for Channel 4 and it’s good to see a woman presenting the Friday night slot, which has been dominated by blokes for a while.

It's an improvement over the dire 'Friday Night Project' and the worse still (is that possible) Johnny Vegas vehicle '18 Stone of Idiot'. Her show pulled in 1.7m for its second outting, which is pretty respectable. Not everyone wants to watch Wossy.

Most of the stories always focus on her size, which is pretty normal. The Daily Mirror today (CHARLOTTE: ME AND MY BUNS..
..AND MY CRISPS AND MY JUNK FOOD MAKE MY BUM GO BIG - AND I DON'T CARE) and The Sun (Church: I'm eating such a Lotte) has with pictures focusing on the size of her arse from 'peach' to 'apple' to 'pear'.

Oh please give the girl a break. Everyone knows women are hugely conscious of their weight (and let’s not lie men too: the scales in Holmes Place are always full) and so endless stories on her size must be annoying.

But despite all the headlines (and a boyfriend who is orange, with shaved legs and is made of hair gel) she wears it well.

She scoffs crisps, which must give her points for living the Walker's lifestyle, and still looks good. At other times, she drinks and smokes (OK, the smoking is wrong... I wish I still could) and is clearly having a ball.

Besides, who wants to see more stick-insect, anaemic girls all desperate to be as skeletal thin as Posh Spice or some such clone?


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous An online cad and bounder said...

I'll give her a hard time. Ding dong!

At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Bore Da Godron said...

Leave our Gavin alone. He's a wonderful rugby player, even if he is a little strange looking

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she's a right fat slag. wish she'd do one back to the valleys


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