Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vanity Fair

Kate Moss scores again. Vanity Fair gives its blessing to the top vacuum cleaner of the fashion world.

There can't be many careers where a major drugs scandal is a actually a career boost, but almost a year down the line that seems to be Teflon Kate's story.

Vanity Fair has put her in its Best Dressed Hall of Fame. I'm not sure what that means. She turned up at Bobby Gillespie's wedding to former Dazed & Confused editor Katie England wearing a white hot pant suit and stole the show. I guess that's what you have to do (although you sort of have to feel sorry for the - maybe she took the whole upstaged at the wedding by beautiful skinny blonde girl in hotpants well...yeah right).

But then you start reading the rest of the list and you realise its just the same old names (with David Beckham and Prince William et cet) and really is nothing more than self-ingratiation celebrity twaddle.

Still it's another Kate Moss cover, and another reason for those brands that were worried about using the model for their next campaign not to worry so much, They can now line up (no pun, honest) to follow Burberry and Rimmel, which stuck by her, and the likes of Agent Provocateur and Calvin Klein Jeans, which rewarded her with new work.

I would run out and order myself a bag of what ever she's taking, but I don't think I have the nostrils for it.


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous You would though wouldn't you!!! said...

But with as many column inches as she's getting, why wouldn't you want to be associated to her....

For everyone who's against what she's done and refuses to buy that brand there are 10 more youngsters wanting to be like her and buying the brand, so why not jump on the "Moss" band wagon and get some of those column inches.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

Yes you would, but kids upstaging the bride at her own wedding is wrong. Don't do it.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Lost Boy said...

You should never wear white as a guest at a wedding. What a cow she is. I'm bored of Kate and all who sail in her. I don't care that she took coke; I just brands wouldn't go for the laziest, most obvious shoice when it comes to looking for a model. Where are the new supermodels? Isn't it time we got rid of Moss and reduced her to fronting campaigns for local DIY shops?


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