Thursday, August 03, 2006

Up in smoke

Abbott Mead Vickers anti smoking work has been outstanding particularly the recent hard hitting campaigns, clearly that's not enough for the COI after it revealed yesterday that it was dumping the agency after 22-years.

It's difficult to know what you have to do to hang onto a piece of work sometimes. Produce great work: tick, lose account: tick.

The ad with the man lying in bed telling the viewer that by the time that people watched this ad the man would be dead should be enough to convince anyone to stub out for good. I liked the 'if you smoke, you stink' campaign as well.

Maybe it was simply the fact that the Department of Health team kept looking at the shock ads being produced by Euro RSCG London for the British Heart Foundation, which showed cigarettes oozing a fat-like substance.

Those were very hard to watch and possibly over shadowed the DoH's campaign and maybe that's why it thought it needed new ideas despite a body of work over more than two decades that has hit home.

That said Euro RSCG fared no better. It lost that account to Lowe and RKCR/Y&R and that business is also up for review.

Actually, this whole smoking business looks like more trouble than its worth.


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