Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Top slot

More odd medialand appointments with IPC's Tim Brooks named as managing director of The Guardian.

Brooks is managing director of the men's unit at IPC Ignite!. It had been thought that after Carolyn McCall was promoted to chief executive of the Guardian Media Group, her job would go to commercial director Stuart Taylor.

But no, in comes Brooks with his wealth of magazine experience, but no experience of newspapers.

Not unlike Brooks's former IPC boss Sly Bailey, who left the chief executive job at the magazine publisher, to take the top job at Trinity Mirror.

Or more recently Stevie Spring, who made the leap from outdoor firm Clear Channel to magazine publisher Future.

My guess is that Stuart Taylor probably won't be long for the world of Guardian Newspapers, having seemingly lost out to an outsider.

It makes something of a break for The Guardian, which has promoted internally candidates over the years, including McCall, who joined the newspaper group 20 years ago as a planner before rising through the ranks.

No more it seems. The Guardian has cast around outside its ranks and hired no doubt the best man for the job.

Brooks has spent his last six years at IPC and before that he had nine years at Emap, but is maybe best known in the media industry for founding Media Week, which is now owned by Haymaket.

The good news is he might have written the odd newspaper story along the way.


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