Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Time on Wade?

With The Sun apologising over yesterday's dated royal grope pictures, it could be getting close to the end of the road for the paper's editor.

There has been talk all year of Rebekah Wade's falling star. This latest embarrassment is not likely to help.

Who was to know? It looked so good on paper. A royal scoop no less, with pictures of partying Prince Harry groping a former blonde girlfriend, Natalie Pinkham, in a night club.

Although within hours it emerged that the pictures were three years old. Ouch.

The Sun has had to apologise to Princes Harry and his brother William, also shown in the pictures, which belonged to Pinkham who also complained and wants an apology.

Clearly there is going to be a question of how the paper got hold of the shots in the first place and how its scoop of five pictures across three pages was so wrong.

Pinkham apparently first claimed the pictures were stolen, but later withdrew this allegation. It's certainly more notoriety for her. Apparently, she wants to be a TV presenter and has dated rugby players. Shocker.

The salacious pictures were accompanied by headlines of equal measure: "The Booze Brothers" with a caption reading "Harry as Dirty Harry, the Paw Prince and Squeezer Geezer".

The paper even got the place wrong, not only were the pictures not taken this summer, they were also not taken at the trendy London nightspot Boujis where the princes often fall out of.

Worse still, the paper had to push it and bragged that Harry would be left "with a little explaining to do" to his girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Now the only one with a bit of explaining to do is Wade who will have to tell boss Rupert Murdoch what happened.

Could this be it? If it then step forward News of the World editor Andy Coulson, who is tipped by many to be the next editor of the paper. Unless, that is, his copybook has been blotted by the arrest of his own royal editor for alleged phone-tapping activities.

The only upside for Wade is that Clarence House has no plans to take any further action and will not be going to the Press Complaints Commission.


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