Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rip Brother

The tabloids are in a frenzy over 'Big Brother' and the rip-off housemate 'crisis'. I don't get it.

As many as 1500 complaints have been received by Ofcom. These must be from betting syndicates as nobody else can seriously care what the outcome is.

I've been watching it occasionally this year and following the progress in the tabloids. So I guess I am along for the ride. I caught it on Friday when everyone started to get hot under the collar about old housemates coming back again.

It's not the first twist we've seen this year (there was the secret house and the double evictions), and it was somehow quite predictable, but sensing that this series has overstayed its welcome they are trying to shake it up and inject some life back into a show that's almost dead on its feet. I mean just look at the cast of characters left behind in the show.

This sort of got me thinking. Does it appear to you that the best people (okay, best as in better than the other cretins) are voted out? You always hear talk of vote rigging and betting syndicates.

Never having so much picked up a phone and voted anyone out (or in) for that matter, it raised nothing more than a wry smile from me. I'd like them to bring someone back, if not from the dead, then at least from the eviction dump and really it has to be Nikki (I'm not even that fazed about having an opinion on this – I have one on the Middle East as well, so I'm tasking at both ends of the cultural and political spectrum).

Nikki was highly entertaining. She made very ordinary things seem inadvertently funny. I hope they bring her back. She really wants to win as well. They can team her up with Chantelle, give them their own Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie like series. They could flip burgers or go camping. It would be inadvertently funny. Or crap - whatever, people would watch it.

Update Who would have guessed the three blondes Grace, Nikki and Lea along with himbo Mikey are going into the secret house.

Channel 4 might now have to repay the cash that punters have previously spent cash voting people out as watchdog ICSTIC investigates a possible refund. With 6m having voted, this could be as much as a whopping £3m. Ouch, that might hurt.


At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the other housemates have any sense of drama, they'll vote Grace back into the main house.

Imagine Aisleyne's face...

I only wish Suzy had gone in with Grace. The secret house is tiny... and filled with water.


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