Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh why

For your viewing pleasure Living TV has created: 'The Curse of Diana's dresses'.

You could make it up, but I'm not sure you would bother. It's like the title for an episode of Columbo: 'Columbo: The curse of the dresses'.

Living TV seems to have caught a dose of the Daily Express obsession with Princess Diana. Except one step removed, it isn't actually the dead woman, but the clothes she wore.

"With the ninth anniversary of Princess Diana’s death approaching, Living TV has an exclusive one-off hour-long documentary that explores the intriguing, mysterious and sometimes sinister stories surrounding the dresses of the late Princess that were auctioned shortly before her death in August 1997."

Apparently "some of the dress's new owners have been struck down by curious runs of bad luck". It's not just anyone, but more the people who have "exploited the dresses for their own financial gain".

Excuse me? I have a question. How do you exploit a dress for financial gain? I don't understand.

Others who have come a cropper, Living TV says darkly, are those who have "kept the dresses to themselves – hidden away from her fans".

The dresses were sold off and raised millions for charity. The rest is clearly complete tosh.

The press release is full of crap like this: "Intriguingly there was no Lot 13 at the auction, perhaps an ominous sign of what was to come"?!

Living says it has exclusive access to contributors speaking about being the "guardians of the now sacred relics".

Relics? Did you find them in a tomb? No they came from some designer on Kings Road or where ever it was that Elizabeth Emmanuel whipped up her creations.



At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi gordon,
totally agree with your comments. just another way to exploit diana. love to know your opinions about these so called psychics who are in contact with diana and have conversations with her. give me a break!!!


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