Monday, August 14, 2006

It's a Hummer

Tough sell. GM is launching an ad campaign this week to convince people that its Hummers are friends of the environment.

Personally, I don't have any axe to grind against the GM. I think Humvee's are very cool and besides you can use them to invade whole countries with. If not entirely successfully.

While the Marines are pretty happy with theirs, GM is getting worried about the negative image that its civilian models Hummers are picking up.

As a result, they have hired Belgian comedian Chris Van Den Durpel to play a magician in some new ads for the latest Hummer model, the H3.

I know, who would have thought they have comedians in Belgium? This nugget of information has increased my knowledge about the place immensely. I now know that not only do they sell beer, chocolate, have lots of useless EU institutions, that Marvin Gaye wrote ‘Sexual Healing’ there, but they have comedians as well.

The TV, print and online campaign sets out to reveal "surprising truths" about the vehicle's size, fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability, according to the

The H3, unlike its bigger counterparts, which are best known for being driven by celebrities and football players still it has a way to go. The H3 only gets 20 miles to the gallon on a motorway, which considering the US gallon is smaller than the UK one makes it pretty fuel efficient.

It's cheaper as well, instead of the $53,000 it's $30,000.

The ads, with the tagline "It's not magic. It's the midsize H3", show the H3 driving by gas stations, just to prove that they don't need to stop every time they see one.


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