Monday, August 07, 2006

Great ad crimes

What were they thinking? A naff Vodafone ad has gone and ruined the Only Ones classic punk pop track 'Another Girl, Another Planet'.

It's such a good song and just about the only track by the late 1970s punk band that anyone knows. It's a track that everyone has danced to in the 1980, 90s or 00s, as it keeps getting spun by DJs.

Now it is on TV as the backing track to a risible Vodafone ad that has a couple flying around celebrating the freedom of weekend tariffs.

The whole spot is a little druggy looking. Eagles flying high, enchanted looking forests, water falls and a flying couple.

Okay, everyone knows the song is about heroin abuse, so you have to think that the creatives behind the spot were either having a bit of a laugh. Sadly they were still laughing and forgot to do too much work on the ad, which is just lame and if you take away the song there is little to the idea at all.

I don't have a problem with great songs being used in really good ads. I could watch the original Sony Bravia ad over and over and still love the Jose Gonzalez’s song 'Heartbeats', as it works beautifully.

You can see there is some thought there, placing a great song and images together. With Vodafone, it’s painful and the whole thing just crashes and burns.

Maybe the survivors of the band were hard-up for cash. Fair enough, they wrote it.

I guess the same must have been true for the La's 'There she goes' a few years a go, although I can't for the life of me remember what it was used to sell.

However, Bobby Gillespie has no such claim. And really he should hang his head in shame at allowing Bacardi to use Primal Scream's 'Moving on Up'.

Another great song, another poor ad casually thrown together. Maybe it was the pressure of his upcoming wedding and knowing that Kate Moss was about to upstage his bride, Katy England, and suddenly a bit of extra cash for the honeymoon getaway seemed like a good idea.

What next the Stranglers 'Golden Brown' to promote Wheatey Flakes? It can't be that far away the Mail on Sunday bizarrely gave away a ten track CD of the band at the weekend. Not quite sure what that's about.


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Vodafone user said...

Funny how different adverts appeal to different people, as I actually found this new Vodafone advert quite refreshing...


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