Thursday, August 31, 2006

Asda result

Something of a coup for the Asda marketing team. The ITV news last night ran an item on its new ad campaign starring Coleen McLoughlin.

There's been a lot of interest surrounding her and Asda signing her, but it’s still something of a coup to get that kind of free TV airtime.

Asda, of course, initially signed Coleen and her footballing half, Wayne Rooney, but then dropped him after his dismal World Cup.

Asda has had its fair share of trouble with celebrity spokespeople. Signing Sharon Osborne was a misfire and the injured Michael Owen was another. His short stint felt tacked on and another fine example of brands jumping on the celebrity band wagon without really knowing why they are there.

With Coleen, however, I'm happy to report that the spot for George's latest Must Have range works really rather well. It's simple and follows the style in some ways of the back to school ads that are running at the moment with the kids singing acapella style on the school bus.

This time, it’s kids singing Roy Orbison classic 'Pretty Woman' and aping the movie where Julia Roberts takes that walk down the street.

With campy fashionistas watching her pass from the windows of their boutiques, Coleen passes by in her get up -- tops and jeans and knock-down prices.

She doesn’t speak, but then she doesn't need to. It's simple and nicely executed by Publicis with media through Carat.

There is a small niggling doubt about it all, what with WAG Coleen being so closely associated with designer labels. Of course, she has now come out and said that she also shops on the high street, which most women will probably buy into because she probably does, what with Top Shop, H&M and Primark offering so much.


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