Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anderton TV

Please someone give Sophie Anderton her own TV show. She could crash cars every week.

With ‘Big Brother’ gone what else is there to do (OK, there are other things), but turn to 'Love Island' and the best thing on it has been Sophie Anderton.

While it hasn't been as big as ITV had hoped, it did in the end do the business. At first bringing back most of last year's contestants seemed like a bankrupt idea, it did actually work and has probably secured another year for 'Love Island' (unless ITV happens to win 'Big Brother' then maybe not).

The only down side was that, while Calum Best came back this year and won alongside Bianca Gascoigne, Sophie Anderton was kicked off the island before the end.

There could have been fireworks. If not fireworks then lots and lots of tears. Clearly she is not all there, but doesn't mind telling the world what she thinks.

And some of it weirdly makes sense. For instance, she told Kelle Bryan and Kate Lawler that she hates footballers' wives. She chose a good pair to unload on.

"I can't bear them. They all suck... apart from Victoria. They don't work for a living and spend absolute fortunes. Coleen McLoughlin's a sweetheart but I just think she needs to keep her mouth shut."

I didn’t even realise Coleen spoke, I thought she just shopped. Kate Lawler didn't say a word, which was a shame as she used to be Real Madrid's Jonathan Woodgate’s girlfriend.

And Kelle of course is best mates with Louise… who is married to former Liverpool and Spurs star Jamie Redknapp.

Sophie also kissed on camera. Sadly, she kissed ex-boyfriend Chris Brosnan, who after she had gone wasted no time laying into the loopy one.

"Sophie's not a supermodel. That's someone like Kate Moss, who is internationally worldwide. Sophie's got a name in England outside of that it's like Soph who?"

ITV could change all of that. If Channel 4 gave airhead Chantelle her own show, the least ITV could do is give Sophie Anderton some more airtime. She has the potential to be Britain's answer to Paris Hilton, in a Sophie-goes-to-work type set-up. Yes, she moans, bitches, rants, raves and cries at every opportunity, but it’s actually better than just about everyone else in the land of reality TV.

As for the winners, not a particularly attractive pair. Serial shagger Calum Best and Bianca Gascoigne whose claim to fame is that she is the step-daughter of Paul Gascoigne who she slagged off to camera. Okay, I know he was abusive, but she is using his name.

Next up 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here’, which will apparently feature non-celebs as well. Hang on a second ITV, that sounds kind of familiar.


At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe then she could talk about her relationship with her brother, darren anderton

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Gordon said...

Or her dad - James Anderton.


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