Monday, July 31, 2006

War on celebrity

Looks like glossy magazines might be fighting back. Some at least, after an Ashlee Simpson nose job proved a cosmetic alteration too far for Marie Claire readers

Ashlee, the pop kid sister of Jessica 'The Newly Weds' Simpson, appeared on the July cover of Marie Claire magazine talking about how great it was to appreciate one’s body as god intended – sans plastic surgery.

That would be all well and good, but Ash went and go herself a new nose. As you do.  This did not go down well with the readers of Marie Claire who wrote – get this – more than 1,000 letters in protest attacking the magazine, the New York Times says, as "clueless" and hit out at singer Ashlee as a hypocrite.

Fair enough, but more unusually new Brit editor Joanna Coles, who used to work for The Times and the Guardian earlier this year, agreed with her readers. I guess it's worth noting here, she had the luxury to do so because, having only just taken over, the July issue wasn't her responsibility.

The magazine gave extra pages over to the letters and Coles waded in with her own comments: "We’re dazed and confused – and disappointed – by her choice, too", she told readers.

It's an interesting turn of events – so rare is it for women's magazines (or any magazines for that matter) to bite the hand of the carefully coiffured celebrity because the two are so much hand in glove.

"It [Marie Claire] has always been the smart girls' book. But it drifted off-brand, partly due to the assault on the newsstand from celebrity weeklies. It happened to everyone, not just Marie Claire."

Drifting off brand? I hope she doesn't meet former Marie Claire editor Lesley Jane Seymour, who was axed earlier this year.


At 10:57 AM, Anonymous print is rubbish said...

print in a mess again hey? what a surprise

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Lost Boy said...

To be fair, Ashlee's star is well on the wane anyway, with concert tickets going unsold and singles flopping, so perhaps Joanna felt comfortable giving her a dressing down than she might a bigger celebrity.


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