Friday, July 28, 2006

Sun burnt

Ally Ross reverts to Sun type this morning with what seems to me like a racist jibe while writing about 'Love Island'.

Of course he's talking about that ball of tantrum and tears that is underwear model Sophie Anderton. Although, does she still model or just party and appear on reality TV?

Who knows, but as you might know if you read the odd tabloid (as no one seems to be actually watching the show itself) Anderton has gone all bunny boiler like over Boyzone singer Shane Lynch.

Lynch? Oh he's one of the "hod carriers", says Ross falling back into the kind of racist anti-Irish language that might once have been wrongly commonplace once, but isn't something you expect national newspaper columnists to be spouting out in 2006.

Ross aside, the goings on in Fiji are oddly compulsive, if from a distance, Lynch appears to have his head screwed firmly on and wants nothing to do with Anderton, who flew off the handle again and had another screaming match with former 'Hollyoaks' star Paul Danan.

There's more screaming in 'Love Island' than 'Big Brother', which has as far as I can tell died everywhere other than in the pages of the Daily Star.

Talking of which it has "Shocking pics you won't believe" today. They're of former 'Big Brother' winner Kate Lawler who signed as the "face of" kinky underwear firm Ann Summers earlier this week.

Mmm, let me think what could help push that news up the tabloid agenda… oh,a kinky story.

So today, we have "Kate Lawler Kinky Sex Pic Shame". Apparently she's been involved in some "crazed obscene romps in a nightclub", which seems to involve chocolate and someone biting her backside. Ho hum.


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