Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not loving it

Things are not going so well for News International on the real life front. Its new magazine Love It! has lost nine staff since its February launch and at 30p this week they are almost giving it away.

According to Press Gazette disgruntled Love It! staff have joined Burda's Full House, including the deputy editor and chief sub.

NI's first foray into the women's magazine market has been relentlessly plugged in the Sun, but apparently to little effect.

Today's ad in the Sun "Get Love it! For only 30p" kind of sums it up. Six months after launch the suspicion is that sales are not going well.

Fortunately, Rupert Murdoch has deep pockets.

It's unclear as to why staff are hacked off. Life at German giant Burda is not much better by all accounts. It has had its own series of staff departures, which kind of leads me think that the whole real-life magazine circuit is not for me, as much as I like to read about real-life lesbian mothers who abandon their children and are tearfully reunited.

News Magazines, the arm of NI publishing it, has said Love It! will be posting its first ABC figure later this year, claiming it will be around or higher than circulation targets of 400,000 guaranteed at launch.

Guess, we'll soon see about that one.


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