Monday, July 10, 2006

Horse foolery

I have to own up to having watched a bit of 'Only Fools on Horses', which featured "celebrities" falling off horses and generally make fools of themselves, and finding it very entertaining.

Over the weekend Matt Littler from 'Hollyoaks' had a spectacular fall flying straight off the side. He was subsequently voted off - not particulary for being a poor rider, but for telling the judges that he should be kept on for being gorgeous. No, he wasn't talking about his horse.

I have a couple of worries though. ‘Only Fools’ makes you like Sara Cox. She seems to have become less annoying. That could just be some cunning PR trick.

And is it just me or is Angus – coke and hookers – Deayton now even slimmer than ever. He appears to have total contempt for the audience. Possibly he was unable to believe that his TV career has sunk to avoiding stepping in horse poop and watching C-list celebs fall off their horse.

It's either that or the that fact he just can't believe that the co-presenter of ‘Only Fools’, the solidly wooden Kirsty Gallagher, is never off the telly.

Gallagher once again shows that she learnt everything she knows from Kelly Brook. Although she might have forgotten the stuff about emoting to camera.

We need more shows like this. How about rock climbing, parachuting and hang gliding? None of the above can be much more dangerous than show jumping.

I didn't feel even slightly embarrassed about the levels of enjoyment I seemed to get from watching people come a cropper until Sunday. When the whole bad karma thing came back to bite me.

I'm starting to think that along with the 'My Name is Earl' thing, what comes around really does go around.

I guess at this point I should own up to enjoying the odd canter. So when I turned up to ride on Sunday I got a bit of surprise.

"Your horse is famous, he's been on 'Only Fools on Horses’. Paul Nicholas was riding him, but you better watch out. He tends to buck a bit."


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

relevance to a marketing website? it's a bbc show carrying no advertising. mmm.

if you're going to talk about bbc shows talk about the last doctor who

At 12:33 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

What more is there to say about Doctor Who other than it was pretty damn good.

At 10:21 AM, Anonymous the online pixie said...

So farewell then Rose Tyler,
You were really rather good
As Doctor Who's new
And really rather common
'Assistant' you were
Really really

Even if
Your concealer
Couldn't conceal
Your lack of classical training
You were still quite fit,
Whether the Doctor was a Manc
Or Scottish
You were, and always will be
An uncommon commoner.

And though
We would have liked
Rosamun Pike
As your replacement
We'll settle for
That girl
From Crossroads.


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