Thursday, July 27, 2006

Final countdown

No, not a cue to hum that Europe classic, but a farewell to ‘Top of the Pops’, which has recorded its final show set to air on Sunday presented by that, er, the eccentric Sir Jimmy Saville.

After 42 years and 10 different theme tunes, more than 150 presenters and 2,204 programmes, the end has come.

To celebrate, the BBC is dragging up all those ghosts from the past that I was sure would never been seen on TV again.

Jimmy Saville is one such character. Last time he was on TV was 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Just doing his bit to "fix it for the kids".

It's a long special, if you have the time, and will also include the return of perma-tanned Tony Blackburn, as well as others such as Mike Read and the super cheesy Pat Sharpe.

Reggie Yates is back (no explanation as to why), as is Edith Bowman and Janice Long who we have more time for.

Apparently, John Peel can't make it. That's a real shame. Let's face it, of all, the presenters the late great Peely was one of the best..

The show include a trawl through the archive with promised moments to include some of its greatest performances including The Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, Wham, Madonna, Beyonce and Robbie Williams. OK.

No doubt the Dexy's Midnight Runners moment will turn up. I never quite knew what it was that Jocky Wilson said.

It's not only the bands, singers and presenters of yore who get a look in, there's the dancers as well so I'll definitely be tuning in. Pan's People in their prime? Come on. Sadly, the girls all long since retired won't be back.

There's even an hour-long documentary on BBC Two at 10pm, followed by another at 11pm devoted to the girls: 'Pan's People: Digging the Dancing Queens'. Sadly past my bed time, but hopefully someone will stay up.

I think at this point I'm meant to say something like the world will feel smaller with the passing of 'Top of the Pops', but it's really outlived its usefulness. MTV and the army of music television channels saw to that. Sadly they have their own annoying presenters as well, but that is only to be expected.

If only the BBC would wake up and pull the plug on some of the other crap it airs the world would really be a better place. 'My Hero' and 'A Packet of Crisps and Two Pints of Lager'. I mean why?

I digress, the final filming of Top of the Pops has not gone well. Apparently the audience who turned up to see the last show were not treated to live bands playing the final farewell send off, but instead go to watch a load of...videos clips.

People started leaving the studio, pretty much like the viewers who had already abandoned the show, as they started to feel like they were watching TV with a bunch of cheesy old presenters.

The BBC really pulled out the stops then.


At 10:26 AM, Anonymous end of the road said...

if they could chuck jim davidson in a coffin and nail it shut that'd be much appreciated. i hate him.


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