Thursday, July 06, 2006

Big bore

I've been trying to follow 'Big Brother' this year, but the sheer number of housemates coming and going has made it a thankless task.

By my count there have been 22 house mates in all in this year's show. That's almost Robert Altmanesque.

Cast you mind back to those heady days of…errr June, when the freaky 14 entered.

Shahbaz, I can barely recall him. Although wasn't he going to kill himself or something? Maybe I mean expose himself. Then there was posh George, possibly related to the Royal Family, by some distance.

There was a girl who couldn't pronounce her name (Bonnie?) and…oh there were some others.

Then they stuck in cross-dresser Sam (the one with all the blusher) and Aisleyne, who is either terrible or brilliant. I can't decide.

Then there was the desperately boring Golden Ticket winner Suzie, her main contribution being she was a bit posh and a pain in the arse. Oh more fake tits, of course. It's pretty much a convention these days.

It's almost impossible to watch Lea. She needs help and Channel 4 should pay for it. Please for the love of god give her a breast reduction.

Now there are four more. All quality-checked nutters and wannabes who have it seemed all been on trial runs of previous Big Brother houses.

It's too much, having invested in watching at least two evictions. That’s poor I know, but I do keep up to date with the Sun/Mirror/Daily Star to be fair). It's just going on for too long.

I know it’s the cash cow, but this endless introduction of the Big Brother reserves has got to stop. It only underlines the fact that the show is running out of ideas.

I still think Pete should win – even though I am not convinced about his Tourette's – but he seems a genuine decent guy. Just one who says "wankers!" all the time, which makes me laugh. I know, I'm pretty easily amused.


At 4:36 PM, Anonymous wankface said...

yeah you big wanker, i agree

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Pobly Cwm said...

Fi angen Glynn at enilla!

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's Welsh for 'I want Glynn to win!'

Glynn WILL win.


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