Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wooden replacement

Sky One has found a replacement for Liz (touch wood) Hurley on 'Project Catwalk'. Kelly Osbourne. No seriously.

According to Sky, the "feisty style princess (Feisty style princess? Did I miss something?" will host the second series after Liz Hurley proved to be as good at presenting as er... Kelly Brook whose major talent was... er looking really good?

Osbourne has major advantages over Hurley she's... er... she's cheap and she will make the models look good.

I'm sure the would-be models will appreciate it. With Hurley, watching her you knew she wanted shout out "but I'm the prettiest one here, pick me", that could just be my interpretation.

Bizarrely, Osbourne says she has been on the receiving end of "many fabulous offers of television work over the last year".

Who would have guessed? The opportunities that cable television have brought us all knows no end.

Sky says Osbourne is the perfect presenter for 'Project Catwalk' -- risque (er badly dressed), opinionated (loud and foul mouthed) and original (well connected).

Wow it's a tough job deciphering all this stuff.

The good news is that Sky says that "Kelly is just the first of many twists that's going to make the second season even more addictive than the first."


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Bored by Blandness said...

I guess this is just another example of Sky failing to invest in quality content for its shows. If the broadcaster is ever going to produce shows that will make a real impression then they must address this problem. Personally, i only feel compelled to watch Sky One for the American imports. Even The Simpsons has become tired and lack all of the spark and charm that it once had.

At a time when the prolifertion of channels has never been bigger, it would make real sense for Sky to start real investment and make some quality shows.

Even when the opportunity arises (A Year in the Life of Steven Gerrard) they fail to deliver. Unsurprisingly for Sky, tough issues (his near move to Chelsea and his comments against diving despite diving regularly) were avoided or brushed over quickly.

Come on Sky, give us a real alternative. ITV is terrible, Channel 4 is the Big Brother Channel for the summer so serve us up some quality, home grown TV and entertain us.

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous is it just me or is hayfever totally rubbish? said...

I'd have liked the job to have gone to Rosamund Pike from the Bond film Die Another Day. She's got everything a viewer could want. Beautiful, intelligent and far, far superior to Osbourne.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous ozzy said...

Is it just me who noticed the startling resemblance between the late great Christine Barker and Sharon Osbourne?


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