Monday, June 26, 2006


It was only a matter of time after linking up with NTL that Telewest took on some of the characteristics of its one-time rival: namely shoddy service.

Telewest left 100,000 customers without any pictures for the whole of England's World Cup clash yesterday.

Admittedly they were in Bristol, Bath and the Cotswolds, but other customers suffered as well.

Apparently there was panic on the streets of various the west of England towns as people jumped in their cars to find a place to watch the match.

Telewest problem's in London meant that the interactive red button service failed to work for the entire game.

No surprise that the Telewest "help line" disappeared and was... er... of no help whatsoever.

Sadly, the red button failure meant no Radio 5 Live commentary and instead meant that I had to put up with John Motson's tedious commentary, coupled with leaden sidekick Mark Lawrenson whose interest in the game seems to be absent.

Oh the pain. All the two of them seem to do is read out the names of the players, which gave us one moment during yesterday's match when the two came out with a high pitched "Ashley Cole" one after the other, I'm not sure if they were alluding to anything.

Talking of Ashley Cole, what a great result. You've away in Germany playing in the tournament of your life and your lawyers work out a nice extra week's spending money for you.

Admittedly, £100,000 doesn't mean a great deal to a premiership footballer, but it's better than a kick in the shins.

The case was probably the first libel case where the internet really showed how well it can screw you over.

Google was asked during the case, which wrongly alleged Cole was involved in a gay orgy with a mobile phone, to disclose why the word 'gay' is being linked to the player's name when his name is typed into the internet search engine.


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Sir Elton John said...

Does anyone else wonder if Cheryl Tweedy would make a good replacement for Billie Piper in Doctor Who?

She's certainly common enough.

Is she a beard then?

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous The Gimp said...

When asked how Arsenal would try to keep Henry at the club (this was before the Champions League Final) Cole responded 'we'll use handcuffs'.

He doesn't really help his cause does he?


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