Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dirty Des goes to New York

Richard Desmond has gone to New York and he's having a go at everybody. He's even calling Sir Martin Sorrell short.

Desmond is surely one of those men who never just has a bee in his bonnet, but an entire hive.

As well as gratuitously laying into Sorrell (the two had a bit of a bust-up in February with legal papers flying back and forth as WPP sought £5.7m payment for work done on the launch of OK! in the US with Desmond counter-suing) with the rude but obvious, Desmond has been picking his targets as they come into range.

American Media (tabloid publisher of The Star, et cetera) chief David Pecker? Oh he's "shifty".

In an interview with Advertising Age, Desmond accused Time Warner of "putting out a lot of shit" about OK! in its defence of rival magazine People magazine.

Desmond is feeling a little sensitive that sales of OK! in the US are going to be a little below expectation. So what about that?

"You can tell all those wankers to fuck off because these are the figures."

As for the advertisers OK! is attracting, they should thank their lucky stars.

"The people who are advertising with us, which there aren't many, are getting the bargain of a fucking lifetime."


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous EJ Thrubb said...

So farewell then Top of the Pops. You were special once.
But now
Fern Cotton presents
Not Dot Cotton
Not Fern Brittan (more's the pity!)
And you are being axed.

It all went wrong
When they moved you
From Thursday nights
To Friday nights
To Sunday night.

We shall miss you
Russell T Davies
brings you back
in about 28 years.

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Sir Alan said...

Good old Desmond. I don't like bullshitters, I don't like arselickers but I do like Desmond.

I don't like risks and I'm no gambler, that's why I'm supporting Desmond. My fee for this comment has gone to charity.


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