Friday, June 30, 2006

Clerks credit

Have you ever wanted to see you see your name in lights? If even very small ones? Kevin Smith might be able to help you out via Myspace.

Kevin Smith is offering you the chance to be in his new movie 'Clerks II', the sequel to his 1994 indie hit.

OK, be in it might be stretching it, but you can be in the credits, and really sitting in the theatre until you've seen thousands of names flow past is what it’s all about.

Smith, who has also made 'Chasing Amy' and 'Dogma’, has become, like a lot of people slightly obsessed with MySpace.

The first 10,000 (count them) MySpace members will get the chance to have their names immortalised onscreen if they add ‘Mooby's Presents: Clerks II’ webpage to their Friends list. The promotion is being done by interactive web agency Deep Focus.

According to Smith: "I've been a total MySpace junkie since March of this year, and have given up countless hours to the ten-at-a-time art of friend-approving. For MySpace to let 'Clerks II' into their Top 8, so to speak, is not only a major coup for the movie -- it's like being able to say that I know (MySpace co-founder and automatic 'friend') Tom (Anderson) personally. Even though, y'know, I don't.”

It's a cheap and nice bit of guerrilla marketing. Harvey Weinstein might be giving Smith the money to make 'Clerks II', but he isn't exactly planning to splash out on the marketing budget.

The original 'Clerks', a story of Randall, Dante Jay and Silent Bob and the Quick Stop convenience store, was a cult hit, which has grown in statue over the years with its 10th anniversary 'Clerks X' DVD release.

The new film delivers more of the same with most of the original cast back for the second outing of dick and fart jokes and mid-life crises.

'Clerks II' is out later this summer and really someone else can have my spot as while I have signed up to Myspace I find that rather like Charlie Brooker in the Guardian that despite being pretty damn geeky at times the whole social networking thing is really not something I personally want to get very involved in. I just don't care, you know, other than taking a professional business and journalistic interest.

Not even our office twenty somethings have signed up. It's for teenagers...and of course bands and movie promoters looking to spread the word.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Rude Dawg said...

Now that's the Shizzle!!!

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Kevin said...

Much like Faceparty, My Space is only good for meeting teenage girls and frankly who wants that?


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