Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brands they're... there for you

Talk about backing as many horses as possible. A host of international brands are showing their true colours... and they are precisely the colours of what ever country you happen to be from.

It's only when tournaments like the World Cup come around you can see how truly fickle brands are.

Their love for your country [insert name here] is not exactly constant.

Hyundai for instance is backing England all the way, but clearly it has a little love to spare is and is also backing Australia and South Korean too.

Among many more, there's also Mastercard. It promises that the World Cup final will be a another St George's Day (actually does that mean we ignore it and don't get a public holiday? I'm not liking the sound of that), complete with St George's cross, lance and football - and the tagline "Priceless".

Mastercard is promising similar things to Argentina and Australia. That's just so mean.

It's the same for Umbro. Its “One Love” campaign backing England is obviously much appreciated. Sadly when England play Sweden on June 20 they'll find that loved has been spread around the field. Umbro is Sweden's official sponsor.

Nothing probably worse, however, than the kid who won the Mcdonald's competition thinking he would get to meet Steven Gerrard and led England out onto the pitch only to find that he'll be leading...Germany.

There's more on the BBC website.


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous maurice saatchi said...

What? No comment on Martin Sorrell's pay packet? You were rampant the other week about the BBC increasing salaries. Nothing to say about a 3.3 million basic salary?!?


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