Thursday, June 22, 2006

Abi Titmuss gets LBC show

My only question is this: does she know people can't see her on the radio? I'm not sure that she does.

Don't ask me why, I don't know, but LBC have taken it upon themselves to give former nurse and lad's mag pin-up, 'Celebrity Love Island' contestant and latterly Lee Sharp's ex-girlfriend a two-hour show.

LBC has had some top-notch guests before. OK, they've had Tony Blair, which makes it a sort of leader to amoeba.

It's a one-off, but it might catch on. LBC describes her as the "outspoken ex-nurse". I didn't know that speaking was part of her remit.

Before you say anything, I'm sure she's very bright, but she makes her money smiling inanely at the camera and taking her clothes off. Talking doesn't come into it.

"It's quite scary because there's only going to be a seven-second delay between what I say and what will come out of the radio but I'm really excited. I just hope that the listeners will enjoy chatting with me as much as I'll enjoy speaking to them."

When asked how he would advise Titmuss, talkshow host Paul Ross wasted no time in plumbing the depths.

"Abi doesn’t need any advice from me, she’s a bright spark and top bird. We’ve interviewed her many times on the weekend breakfast show and take it from me, she always gives great tongue."

Boom boom!

Weirdly at the end of the press release LBC says:

"Tony Blair’s office declined to comment on the recent signing of Abi Titmuss."

And why would it? If only to say Number 10 regretted Blair's appearance on a show that stoops to this.


At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Gordon Brown said...

Can I just add that I don't want to comment either.

At 4:30 PM, Anonymous David 'DC' Cameron said...

Look it's not about whether she's talented, it's not about whether she's paid alot, it's about her quality of life.

But I have no comment to make.


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