Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not my kind of people

TV loves to dig up the past. First 'The Price is Right' comes back from the dead, now its' 'My Kind of People' presented by Charlotte Church, who will tour…shopping centres.

'My Kind of People' was, of course, presented by everyone's favourite pool owner Michael Barrymore, who is engaged in his own TV comeback.

Apparently Church, who is also looking at doing her own Channel 4 chatshow, will tour shopping centres in Wales looking for the Principality’s most talented people. All three of them. That's not exactly going to take long.

But it’s worse than that. According to a spokesman from Channel 4, as well as the next Charlotte Church, they also want to find "Wales' most talented senior citizen".

I want to ask the question why, maybe that would be ageist, but seriously why?

Catch it on Channel 4 on Fridays. Be warned though, old Welsh people will be singing (obviously if they happen to be former miners or Tom Jones then that's just fine).


At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to be careful writing things like this about the Welsh. Remember how the North Wales Police questioned Annie Robinson after her Room 101 'I hate the Welsh' comments. Just because the Welsh don't blow up holiday homes anymore doesn't mean they aren't scary!


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