Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mackenzie returns

Kelvin MacKenzie is back at The Sun today with a new column. Is this a shot across the bows of editor Rebekah Wade?

It looks like all change. While Wade might be known as being close to the Tony Blair, MacKenzie wastes no time in using his first column to put the boot in.

"I haven't enjoyed myself so much in years. Watching the Blair project collapse in ruins is fantastic."

Ouch. Of course, MacKenzie likes to put the boot in and the French get a kicking as do Heather Mills-McCartney (or "monopod" to Kelvin), the liberal classes and Chelsea goalkeeper, Petre Chech.

MacKenzie's return to the paper, after selling TalkSport and seeing Highbury House crumble, he edited for so long and gave us so many classic headlines (see Gotcha) hasn't exactly been trumpeted.

Sure it is flashed on the frontpage, but with a flash in the bottom left corner that gives you the impression that the Ross Kemp-beating Ginger Ninja wasn't exactly thrilled to have MacKenzie back as a star columnist.

No one likes a former editor looking over their shoulder, particularly one who is known to get on well with the head honcho Rupert Murdoch, who like everyone else is concerned about falling sales figures at his flagship tabloid, which recently hit a new low.

It seems unlikely that MacKenzie would ever return to newspaper editing, but is this another sign that Wade's tenure at Wapping is coming to an end?


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