Monday, May 08, 2006

Fox that
Nick Pollard is off from Sky News as viewing numbers at the channel continue to fall. Could this have anything to do with what some people call the Foxification of the channel's news.

Rupert Murdoch has looked several times apparently at launching his Republican-supporting news and lots of comment station Fox News in the UK, but now seems to have given up on the idea. Instead Sky News is becoming ever more Fox like, which is a style quite alien to news junkies this side of the Atlantic.

A relaunch of the channel earlier this year introduced more Fox News-style slots, or "appointment to view" segments as Sky calls them.

They didn't the improve viewing figures, which post-relaunch are down to 4m from 4.6m while main rival BBC News 24 continues to race ahead. BBC News 24 seems to be getting ever more in its stride with big-name presenters from BBC One moving across in rising numbers to present slots. Recently we've seen the arrival of George Alagiah and Emily Maitlis.

BBC News 24 focuses on getting the news, while the impression Sky News gives is sometimes more comment than news. Clearly it’s this impression that viewers are getting as well, with News 24’s figures passing the 6m mark.


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