Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ford vision

Ford is looking at making its own reality television show. It might have something to do with cars.

Ford already has something of a thing for TV. If you've been watching 'American Idol', you already know two things -- Ford is the sponsor (having done '24' before), and really you should probably get out more.

According to Adweek, Ford has presented an idea for a reality show to its dealer network and they love the idea. Apparently it’s about cars and might involve contestants competing for the right to design one.

It sounds a bit high end. I'm not sure its going to have same pull as people having drunken sex on Channel 4 nor is it likely to produce a Kelly Clarkson.

The Ford show is clearly one for the geeks and will no doubt air on the Discovery Channel (which, of course, we love).

Ford says the next step is to present the idea to network executives.

The idea was developed by JWT in Detroit and it does sounds like an interesting idea, but, with this, it means that the floodgates will open. Hair idol? I'm sure the idea is out there.


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