Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Diana free

What is with the Daily Express? It's Tuesday and there is no Diana story on the front page! Has the world gone mad?

Technically today is a Monday, what with the whole bank holiday malarkey, so possibly it doesn't count. But it should be said, people rely on the Daily Express to have a Diana story on its front cover at least twice a week (Tuesday's and Thursday's seem to be the day), to keep us all abreast of the developments in this breaking story.

I just hope this isn't the start in a downturn because, after an extensive search, there appears to be no other source, on or offline, for stories about Diana Princess of Wales (deceased).

Thank the Richard Desmonds for the other old stand-by: migrants. The great thing about these stories is that they can pulled from the archives and run as front page news at a moment's notice. Genius.

Readers of the Express would start getting bewildered and confused (as would the rest of us) if it started putting real news on its front page.


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