Friday, May 05, 2006

Blue is the colour

The Evening Standard did say when it relaunched there would be more colour. It was just never that specific on what the colour was going to be. Today's paper clears up any lingering doubt: it's blue.

"Blue is the colour" is the headline on this afternoon's edition with a standfirst telling readers how "Jubilant Tories crush Labour in London" before going on to talk about bloody noses.

When the redesign was unveiled Standard editor Veronica Wadley said that it would shift the paper very much towards a "London focus" with some ideas that will appeal to "younger urbanites".

Now what could those be? In case you had been left wondering, those ideas are a more partisan Daily Mail mini-me that not only gives you the latest London news (finally), but does so in a fashion that is likely to turn off even more readers. It's already down 7.12% year-on-year to just 331,512 (six monthly average), from 356,906, which are figures to be concerned about. It's last ABC is even lower 324,123 down 3% from February.

Today at least, and it’s hardly likely to be a one off, it takes on the mantle of the house journal of Conservative Party headquarters. Fair enough...if you have readers to burn.

More headlines inside tell how it was "The night that London showed Labour the door" despite Labour winning Lambeth, coming close to take Islington and holding over key councils across the city such as Haringey and Barking. OK, so Labour lost Camden, Hammersmith and Croydon, but who wants to live in Croydon?

As much as Londoners deserve a choice of political candidates in local elections it needs a choice of London newspaper. Roll on the launch of a new evening paper for the capital and some healthy competition for the Evening Standard.

The Evening Standard's owner Associated is said to be in the running for the London's new evening newspaper. Just imagine, it already has the Metro in the morning, the Evening Standard at lunch and in the evening the freedom to serve up a new title.

Chances are that London Mayor Ken Livingstone would never allow Associated to win. It would simply be too much for Ken to bear.


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