Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Taking the blame

It seems no one wanted to take the blame for Davina McCall's “chatshow” 'Davina' at the BBC, which is why news of its cancellation came from not one, but two senior BBC executives.

The statement announcing the show's much predicted cancellation came from not just Peter Fincham, controller of BBC One, but was also attributed to Jon Beazley, controller of entertainment commissioning. I guess it’s safety in numbers when you it comes to canning an unmitigated disaster.

Apparently, according to Fincham, the problem wasn't that 'Davina' was crap, the quality of guests were poor and that McCall was unsuited to er... interviewing, but rather that the show played in a "challenging slot".

Fincham went on to congratulate BBC One for taking risks, which is the last thing that 'Davina' was. A risk is reviving an old badly damaged franchise like 'Dr Who' and putting all your trust in one man (Russell T Davies) to deliver the goods.

Risk is not getting a well known celebrity presenter to... er, talk to celebrities. That's risk-free TV.

The BBC hasn't given up hope on McCall, however. It is planning to work with her on a "long-term basis". Did they not see ‘He's Having a Baby’?. What on Earth is with these people?

Davina will be back in a presenting role, which to be honest is more her thing, for 'Sport Relief' alongside Chris Evans and Gary Lineker, but really do they need her for it?


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