Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sky dreaming

Sky should be investing in programming, but it hasn't and what it has done has largely been cheap, poor-quality offerings like 'Brianiacs' and a sort of footballing 'Hollyoaks' called 'Dream Team', which it has finally cancelled after 10 long years.

Presumably, someone noticed that no one was watching and that after a decade it really was time to blow the whistle on the drama about Harchester United football club.

Apparently the beginning of the end came when Jane Hewland, the programme's creator and executive producer at chief at Indie Hewland international, killed off a lot of characters at the beginning of the latest series. After that viewers deserted in their droves. What viewers there were to start with.

Sky should thank her. Send some flowers and invest the money in something half-decent for Sky One.

I like Sky One and do watch things on it, but that's largely American imports. I regularly watched their 'Buffy' and 'Angel' combo and to be fair Sky has had a move in this direction with 'Hex', which has been sort of hit and miss (didn't this show lose its lead character early on?).

It should do more of that. This seems the only way that it is going to get its head seen above the parapet in the fiercely competitive multichannel world, which also hurt 'Dream Team', particularly with a dominant Living TV pulling in female viewers and a strong line-up of hot-to-trot US dramas ('Grey's Anatomy' and 'House') over at Five.

Ten years of 'Dream Team' is more than enough for anyone. Besides, with the likes of 'Footballers Wives', what chance did the C-Team every have? 'Dream Team' did focus on the football (through magic of Sky Sports cutaways), unlike 'Footballers Wives', but fictional football? Seriously who cares.

It will be interesting to see what Sky One's new director of programmes, Richard Woolfe comes up with.


At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I for one shall miss Dream Team. The plots may have been preposterous but it never took itself too seriously.

The bits where they used footage from real premiership games and cut it with close ups of the cast were magnificent television.


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